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Re: filmscanners: LED Illumination for Film Scanners

Austin Franklin wrote:
> > Some of your recent statements of technical "fact" seem to be
> > casting a bit
> > of a shadow on your own credentials as an engineer;
> That comment is really out of line.  If you want to question my credentials,
> please do so privately.  There is only ONE statement I made that is in
> question, that I am aware of, and that is the 1000 hours life of an LED.
> Other than that, what other statements of technical "fact" are you referring
> to?

        I think he is refering to your jibe of:

> My guess is you are not an electrical engineer, or you would
> know that LEDs
> do have a life span.  Because you haven't heard of them burning
> out, doesn't
> mean they don't burn out.  In fact, their typical MTBF is rated
> for 1000
> hours. 
        Not only is the "typical" life of LEDs far longer than what you have
asserted, you were pretty snide when you pointed out your "superior"
knowledge. So I guess all the above poster was pointing out is what goes
around comes around...:-)
> > once again here are
> > sites with valid data:
> And once again, here is a scan of the information I sourced that also
> contains valid data:
> http://www.darkroom.com/MiscDocs/StanleyLEDTestData.jpg

        Yes, but how did you extrapolate this into "typical" performance for
all LEDs?



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