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Re: filmscanners: LED Illumination for Film Scanners

Hi, Art, you wrote:
>I also expect, like incandescents and other illumination sources, LEDs
can be built to different specs and be run under different electronic
designs.  For instance, I know that with the halogen bulbs used in
projectors, a "25 hr" bulb will last only 5-11 hours run at 125-130
volts, will last 11-19 hours run at 120-125 volts, they last upwards of
19-31 hrs run at 115-120 and if you use a dimmer to bring them down to
about 105-110, they will last well over 50 hours, or nearly one order of
magnitude from running at 125-130 volts.

This is so darned off-topic that I'm going off-list, but aren't halogen 
bulbs supposed to be used with direct current? That would presuppose an 
ac-dc converter, which could/should deliver optimum power for the device, 
unless you're using one tagged to a variable battery-charger.

Granted that Manufacturer Specs are almost always overstated, halogens are 
the most reliable light devices I know of. LED's are another matter, and 
idealy they're run from DC as well, although it isn't a requirement since 
they modulate the power themselves, AFAIK. OTOH, they come in all flavors, 
and one isn't the same as another.

Whatever--I just wondered how Austin got us so far off-topic. ;-)

Best regards--Lynn
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