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filmscanners: bracketing neg film was: Best film for scanning with FS 2710

Lynn Allen wrote:
> Uh, this is probably a really dumb question, but what steps would you use to
> get this pushed-film processed, given the technology likely available in a
> small town? The last time I pushed film, I lived in a large metro area--I
> don't presently. At that time, I found that the labs would routinely process
> (neg) frames that had been deliberately been low-bracketed, so that the
> results from top-bracket to low-bracket were essentially the same. I
> probably should have pursued this phenomenon, but threw my hands up and said
> "*&%#!", or words to that effect. ;-)

        Actually, the lab did its job. The prints are supposed to show the
information on the film. You should have noticed that the frames that
did not get enough exposure started to look pretty muddy and grainy. If
you want a print to be printed dark, you have to tell the lab. It is
still far better to "print down" a properly exposed neg than to work
with a thin, underexposed neg, so I would never "bracket down" with neg

> This sounds like something I'd like to look into, if I can find the
> resources.
> Best regards--LRA
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