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Re: filmscanners: Best film for scanning with FS 2710

Herm wrote, re Ectachrome Professional:

>I use a lot of this film pushed to +3 stops..according to Kodak the 
>ASA numbers are 200 (normal), 320, 640, 1000. Even at 1000 it still has 
>very low
>grain (a bit less than a 400ASA print film), of course you have to be 
>since it will not tolerate improper exposures at ASA1000. Pushed +3 its a 
>film for available light photography. Extremely fine grain when used at 200 

Uh, this is probably a really dumb question, but what steps would you use to 
get this pushed-film processed, given the technology likely available in a 
small town? The last time I pushed film, I lived in a large metro area--I 
don't presently. At that time, I found that the labs would routinely process 
(neg) frames that had been deliberately been low-bracketed, so that the 
results from top-bracket to low-bracket were essentially the same. I 
probably should have pursued this phenomenon, but threw my hands up and said 
"*&%#!", or words to that effect. ;-)

This sounds like something I'd like to look into, if I can find the 

Best regards--LRA
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