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filmscanners: RE: filmscanners: Diffused scanners...

Marvin wrote:
>At 04:43 AM 6/14/01, Rob Geraghty wrote in another thread (films for scanning):
>>Silver based B&W films do not scan at all well with the LS30
> Often, I believe we are too concerned with overkill in specs.
> Rob's remark triggered a question in my mind.  Assuming you
> are satisfied with 1024 pixel width on a computer monitor

Marvin, could you possibly paraphrase the question?  I'm not sure I understand
what you're asking.

> I am reminded of the remark of the master photographer
> that heard someone complain about the grain in their
> prints.  His remark was:  "then...make smaller prints."

Actually with the LS30 and silver based B&W film the problem seems to be
dynamic range, not so much grain.  One particular roll of FP4 I tried produced
horribly posterised results in Nikonscan; it simply couldn't get enough
data in 8 bits of monochrome.  Vuescan is better since it accesses all 10
bits per channel the hardware produces, but I think more bits and a brighter
light source are probably needed.  Tony Sleep has mentioned about aliasing
in silver films in the past.  Given the poor results I got initially, I
haven't persisted with trying to scan such films, but stuck to T400CN instead,
or printed them with an enlarger.


Rob Geraghty harper@wordweb.com


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