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Re: filmscanners: BWP seeks scanner

>Just my luck...some of us start making inroads on grain-aliasing, and along
>comes a purist like Nick! ;-)
>That's not to say that "grain" and "grain-aliasing" are the same. Tony has
>pointed out quite well, in previous discussions, that they aren't. The
>problem is that CCD's are prone to *misread* grain as false pixel colors,
>particularly in dense areas at 2700ppi and below. There wouldn't be much
>point in deliberately seeking a scanner that would *emphasize* this, unless
>one really likes the "Pointilist" effect, but ISTM that either a Nikon or
>Polaroid with 4000dpi would report actual grain more accurately, as seems to
>be the concensus of earlier members. But some may disagree.

Not so much a purist, just unimaginative at the moment! No doubt there will
come a time when I am begging for software solutions to the problem of
excessive grain, but at the moment it's what rings my chimes. An "accurate
report of actual grain" sounds like just what I'm after; I guess it's time
to start examining the photography budget more carefully.

Many thanks for your comments,

-- Nick


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