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Re: filmscanners: BWP seeks scanner

Nick wrote:

>My kit consists of a 35mm rangefinder camera with a few very good lenses, 
>and Kodak TMax 400 film. The reason for the fast film is that I take lots 
>of pictures indoors in bad light, and also that I actively dislike the 
>"grainless" look of medium-format or slow 35mm negatives.

Just my luck...some of us start making inroads on grain-aliasing, and along 
comes a purist like Nick! ;-)

That's not to say that "grain" and "grain-aliasing" are the same. Tony has 
pointed out quite well, in previous discussions, that they aren't. The 
problem is that CCD's are prone to *misread* grain as false pixel colors, 
particularly in dense areas at 2700ppi and below. There wouldn't be much 
point in deliberately seeking a scanner that would *emphasize* this, unless 
one really likes the "Pointilist" effect, but ISTM that either a Nikon or 
Polaroid with 4000dpi would report actual grain more accurately, as seems to 
be the concensus of earlier members. But some may disagree.

Best regards--LRA

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