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RE: filmscanners: OT: Device recognition, Win 98

At 10:44 PM 6/11/01 -0500, Jared Dilg wrote:

>This reminds me, after reading the first part of this thread, I tried to
>power on my SprintScan 35LE and refresh the device list in Device Manager.
>Yes, the SprintScan showed up, but upon launching PolaColor Insight the
>software could not detect an active scanner on the system.  Sorry, I am
>incredibly new and ignorant to film scanning, but are there other software
>packages for gathering images with the SprintScan?  (VueScan, right?)

There may be one or more versions of SilverFast that 
work with the SprintScans, and of course there's VueScan.

With the SprintScan LE, you might try downloading (from 
Microtek) their driver for the 35t+ scanner.  In fact, you 
may be able to get the pre-Insight "legacy" driver from 
Polaroid's website.  All I know is that the screen captures 
for the LE's driver program (from Polaroids' PDF files) were 
identical to those from Microtek's ScanWizard driver program 
at the time.

On my SprintScan Plus, I use the old (V 2.7) Polaroid 
TWAIN driver, rather than Insight, and it is still 
posted on Polaroid's website.  The SprintScan Plus does 
*not* have an equivalent in the Microtek lineup, however.

As to the "refresh" trick in Device Manager, I am also 
confused.  I remember a couple of years back (on plain-old 
Win98) that worked just fine.  But it doesn't seem to work 
on Win98 SE, or else something else in my system has 

I notice also (somehow) that my scanner entries in Device 
Manager are a bit messed up -- ie., a couple of the scanners 
have multiple entries.  Not sure how that happened.

rafe b.


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