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Re(2): filmscanners: [OT] Olympus P-400 printer ???

You're comparing two VERY different beasts here!

While the Epson is an inkjet printer, the Olympus is a fast dye
sublimation (not inkjet) printer, one can use to print directly from a
digital camera, no computer needed...

Have a good day!

Raymond Carles

On Wed, 6 Jun 2001 15:12:21 -0700, Pat Perez wrote:

>This is specious experience to say the least, but I
>looked at the output (in the form of the sample book,
>and what Olympus likely feels is flattering to the
>product) from the Olympus at the store the other day
>and I was seriously underwhelmed by the quality of
>it's output. Images were  uniformly soft, in my
>opinion. Regardless of how one feels it compares
>against the Epson, it does not do credit to the
>Olympus name, and is no bargain at approximately
>--- Nick Taylor <ntaylor@iname.com> wrote:
>> Sorry about the off topic post, but I think that
>> most everyone
>> that uses a film scanner also has some printer
>> experience.
>> I'm considering a replacement for my Epson Stylus
>> Color 800
>> inkjet printer.  Two printers have been highly
>> recommended to
>> me, the Epson Photo Stylus 1280 and the Olympus
>> P-400.  Does
>> anyone here have experience with either or both of
>> these
>> printers?  I would appreciate any and all comments,
>> experiences,
>> suggestions, flames, etc.
>> Thanks,
>>   -Nick T.
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