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Re: filmscanners: [OT] Olympus P-400 printer ???

This is specious experience to say the least, but I
looked at the output (in the form of the sample book,
and what Olympus likely feels is flattering to the
product) from the Olympus at the store the other day
and I was seriously underwhelmed by the quality of
it's output. Images were  uniformly soft, in my
opinion. Regardless of how one feels it compares
against the Epson, it does not do credit to the
Olympus name, and is no bargain at approximately


--- Nick Taylor <ntaylor@iname.com> wrote:
> Sorry about the off topic post, but I think that
> most everyone
> that uses a film scanner also has some printer
> experience.
> I'm considering a replacement for my Epson Stylus
> Color 800
> inkjet printer.  Two printers have been highly
> recommended to
> me, the Epson Photo Stylus 1280 and the Olympus
> P-400.  Does
> anyone here have experience with either or both of
> these
> printers?  I would appreciate any and all comments,
> experiences,
> suggestions, flames, etc.
> Thanks,
>   -Nick T.

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