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RE: filmscanners: Device Profile in "VueScan"

Ramesh wrote:

>I am not planning to use "Device RGB" as workingspace. I am new to this
>scanning and 
>still in the process of finding out the workflow. Initially I was thinking
>of archiving in 
>"Device RGB" and now this seems to impossible because I have negatives. 
I'm pretty sure to get in trouble for saying this, which is not a "new 
sensation" for me. ;-)

If you're archiving, "Device RGB" would *not* be the color space to choose, 
because it reflects a device that may be broken and unserviceable or out of 
production in 1-10 years. By the same token, I would not use any of the current 
"choices" of color space, because they may also change or be discontinued in a 
matter of time. "Backward Mobility" in electonics and software might be a nice 
thought, but it's more observed in its absence than its adherence! 

I feel that sRGB, as limited as it's said to be, will be around a bit longer 
than many of the other standards, since there's been a lot of television 
commited to that particular standard (if "standard" is still a working word :-) 

I'm not Nostradamus, so my predictions are no more reliable than any other 
guy's--but I'd say that JPEG and sRGB will at least be *accesssible* for a 
while to come. TIFF, Gif and some other formats will be, too. Beyond that, 
cross your fingers and save your negatives! :-) 

I'm hoping that other--wiser!--heads will pop in here, and soon. It's not a 
small problem.

Best regards--LRA

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