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RE: filmscanners: Device Profile in "VueScan"

Robert E wrote:

>>There are two Minolta profiles on your system (c:\windows\color if using a
>>PC).One for negative and one for positive images.
Yes, there should be 2 profiles, I can see 2 profiles in PS6.

>>The Vuescan help file states that "Device RGB" is only useful if you
>>"image" as the media type.
>>From the Vuescan help file"...The "Device RGB" color space doesn't embed
>>ICC profile into the TIFF or JPEG files, and outputs images in the color
>>space of the device.  The "Device RGB" option is only useful when
>>"Device|Media type" is set to "Image"....
>>Note that no profile is embedded.
This I did not know, thanks for the information.
I should have read help more carefully.

>>I am not sure what you are trying to do, but suspect you would be best
>>served to use Adobe RGB as you working space, select either image, slide,
I will be using the scanned output for
a) Viewing
b) Webpage
I have not even thought of printing <smile>.

I am not planning to use "Device RGB" as workingspace. I am new to this
scanning and 
still in the process of finding out the workflow. Initially I was thinking
of archiving in 
"Device RGB" and now this seems to impossible because I have negatives. 




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