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RE: filmscanners: Device Profile in "VueScan"

Maris writes ...

> I am not sure this has changed but I think so -
> perhaps Ed will answer this.
> It may have changed when he (not too long ago) added
> "Device Profile" option to the color space the
> menu for this very reason.  I  believe it picks up
> the scanner's color profile selection because
> I had set my Nikon LS-30 for ColorMatch
> and Vuescan for "Device Profile" and scanned a
> negative, and in some fashion I saw that the
> image was profiled in ColorMatch (I don't have
> PhotoShop so I'm somewhat at a loss to check for sure).

        I believe if you would have had Photoshop, you would have found no
profile had been associated with the scanned image with "device RGB"
chosen. (How did you determine "I saw that the image was profiled in
ColorMatch"?)  The RGB values are intended to belong to the device,
but no profile is embedded (note the color space option does NOT refer
to any profile ... the option is "device RGB").  I believe Ed added
this option so that, with Photoshop, you could then "assign" the
appropriate profile ... for example a device profile which may have
shipped with your Nikon.  You could then properly "convert" to a
working space of your choice.  However, I have found this doesn't work
with negatives, because when subtracting the mask Vuescan unavoidably
touches the RGB values with Ed's built-in device profile for the
scanner ... therefore you can no longer use the Nikon device profile
because it is different than the one Ed built-in.  You CAN use the
Nikon device profile if you scanned a slide because Ed's profile
doesn't come into play.
        You almost have to have Photoshop to properly play with and evaluate
this "device RGB" option.  If you are using a different "non-profile
savvy" image editor, you are probably better off choosing sRGB in

shAf  :o)


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