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Re: filmscanners: Used Nikon LS-20 for sale

Karsten Petersen wrote:

> Hi Art,
>> Can I ask you two silly questions?
>> 1) Why did Nikon charge you DM351 to fix a scanner which was operating
>> within the normal "technical limitations" of the scanner?
> They claimed that they have cleaned it, and that it was working properly
> AFTER their action. I could not make out any difference in the results
> before and after, judging from test scans.
>> 2) Why would you spend DM351 to have a scanner serviced which you were
>> going to put on sale for less than the servicing cost?
> Simple: at the time I had it serviced, I had not intended to sell it,
> because I had hoped that the service would remedy the problem. I've had had
> an extended discussion with Nikon's service agant about the whole affair,
> but they were uncooperative. After that, I didn't pursue the matter further
> because I considered it a waste of time, nerves, and money.
> Thanks,
> Karsten

Hi Karsten,

You have my sympathies.  They must have international training for their 
service people.  Your story was repeated here by Nikon Canada in my 
dealings with them with their camera service division.

I've also given up with them.



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