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filmscanners: Used Nikon LS-20 for sale

Hi folks,

I've been lurking here for a few weeks - now stepping out! The amount of
traffic on this list is sometimes a little daunting. But I have already
learned a lot - thank you to everybody.

Now on to more tangible matters:

My 2-year-old Nikon LS-20 w/ SilverFast is for sale at DM300 (US$150,
GBP100) + shipping, w/ original packaging & Silverfast CD.

It sometimes makes subtle stripes in the very dark areas of a slide (that's
the reason why I recently bought a Polaroid SS4000... quite happy with it!).
I had it serviced by Nikon a couple of weeks ago (cost me DM351), they say
these results are "normal" and due "to the technical limitations of an 8-bit
scanner". Thus, according to Nikon, the scanner is in perfect working
condition. (If you ask me [or my photo gear supplier], that's a bunch of

However, this scanner makes perfect scans of negatives and of well-lit

If there's anybody on this list with a tight budget and seeking to get into
the subject matter without having to sell mom's cottage, please email me at

Thnaks and best regards,


EDV-Beratung Karsten Petersen
Karolinenstrasse 32
20357 Hamburg

email kp@KPNetwork.com
Phone +49-40-437472
Fax +49-40-435196


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