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Re: filmscanners: LS4000 slide removed from mount

Uhm, I think that's that word that Rob and I were trying to think of and
couldn't. :-) With a wide-angle lens, your image will tend to "spread out" a
little behind the shutter, rather than being cut off by it. I wouldn't have
thought it was a particularly measurable distance, but on 4-square it
aparently is, since Mr. Polloni has measured it. That's another disadvantage
of not being on the metric system in the US, IMHO. ;-)

Best regards--LRA

------Original Message------
From: "Moreno Polloni" <mp@dccnet.com>
To: filmscanners@halftone.co.uk
Sent: June 4, 2001 7:41:06 PM GMT
Subject: Re: filmscanners: LS4000 slide removed from mount

> For sake of interest, Popular Photo rated their F3 test camera at 98.8%
> horizontally by 99.2% vertically.  I guess that's about as close to 100%
> as one can expect.

One thing that no one seems to take into consideration is the focal length
of the lens used. Take some photos on the same roll of film with your widest
wide angle and your longest telephoto. You'll find that the image size of
the wide angle is slightly larger than that taken with your telephoto. This
is a bit of a bugger when you're trying to file out the aperture of your neg

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