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Re: filmscanners: LS4000 slide removed from mount

Peter Marquis-Kyle wrote:

 > Arthur Entlich wrote
 >> As some may know, almost all viewfinders, except one Contax and a couple
 >> of older Nikons (F2, I think) and maybe one other camera which give 100%
 >> view of what ends up on the film) The vast majority of camera view
 >> finders show only 92-96% of the image which is recorded to the film 
 >> The reason viewfinders do not show the whole frame is because the
 >> exception that the images will either be mounted in slide mounts or
 >> cropped during printing by the film carrier.
 >> So, unless you are using one of a very small group of cameras, that
 >> extra edge of the frame wasn't supposed to be in your composition
 >> anyway, and was a "bonus" that didn't show in your viewfinder.
 > Quite right as a general observation, Art. And thanks for the 
information that
 > there is a Contax SLR with a 100% viewfinder -- I didn't know about 
that. I can
 > add the Leicaflex to your list, and the three models of the Canon 
F-1. And maybe
 > Leicas in the R series, and perhaps the Pentax LX?

Ah, some more make the list.  OK, I obviously was too severe in my
comment ;-)

Let's just say that most mid priced SLR cameras, are not likely to come
with 100% viewfinders, and that more likely, cameras which do have them,
are top of the line models...

The feature costs $$, so only the "creme of the crop" gets that

I agree with you that the real reason behind the mid and lower end
cameras not being 100% was due to cost of trying to calibrate accurate
viewfinders to film frame.  The 92-86% numbers (I've even read of 90% or
89%) do allow for quite a "fudge factor" in the design.



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