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Re: filmscanners: LS4000 slide removed from mount

As some may know, almost all viewfinders, except one Contax and a couple 
of older Nikons (F2, I think) and maybe one other camera which give 100% 
view of what ends up on the film) The vast majority of camera view 
finders show only 92-96% of the image which is recorded to the film frame.

The reason viewfinders do not show the whole frame is because the 
exception that the images will either be mounted in slide mounts or 
cropped during printing by the film carrier.

So, unless you are using one of a very small group of cameras, that 
extra edge of the frame wasn't supposed to be in your composition 
anyway, and was a "bonus" that didn't show in your viewfinder.


Peter Marquis-Kyle wrote:

> Dieder Bylsma wrote
>> [snip].. I mounted the single frame into the strip film holder (FH-3?)
>> and got a full frame scan from it. Worked great.
> That's interesting Dieder. I have already complained here (in the thread 'the
> whole frame') that the Nikon LS-30's FH-2 Strip Film Holder masks the edges of
> negatives.
> I just measured the FH-2 holder with a vernier calliper. Each frame opening is
> 23.5mm wide, 35.5mm long -- that means it's masking .25mm of each edge of the
> image.
> What size openings does the FH-3 holder have?
> I found a picture of the new holder on the Czech Nikon site
>  http://www.nikon.cz/ls4000.htm ). It looks like it does exactly the same job 
> the FH-2.
> If it does have full-frame openings, perhaps I should buy one. Or just take a
> file to my FH-2.
> Peter Marquis-Kyle


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