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Re: filmscanners: Filmscanner for 8x10" prints

Someone else will have to comment on the Minolta, but my experience with 
the Acer Scanwit is that it is perfectly capable of pin-sharp 8x10 prints 
from slides.  I have printed some of my slides to A3 (16x11) with excellent 
results also.  The Acer suffers from grain-aliasing on negative film, but I 
don't think any 2700 dpi scanner escapes this.

I also don't think Minolta is alone in producing some dud scanners - I have 
had heard nasty tales from some Acer owners also, but they seem to be 
willing to replace poor performers.

My Acer however has always performed very well.  It has excellent shadow 
detail and effectively zero noise in slide scans, except for some slight 
noise in blue/cyan areas (again, a common fault, but not particularly 

It doesn't handle underexposed negatives all that well.

At 09:17 AM 26/05/01 -0700, you wrote:
>I would like to get a $350-$450 scanner to make scans
>of slides to produce 8x10" prints on either an Epson
>870 or Canon S800 inkjet printer.
> From reading over past posts, my impressions are that
>the Minolta Dual II gives slightly better scans than
>the Acer Scanwit 2720S (when using Vuescan) but that
>the Dual II has quality control problems--some people
>love it while others are frustrated by it if they get
>one that produces streaks across the scan.  Is this an
>accurate and fair assessment?
>At a maximum enlargement of 8x10" from 35mm slides,
>would I be able to see differences between the Dual II
>vs the Scanwit in my prints?
>Any other recommendations?  Thanks.
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Mark Thomas   markthom@camtech.net.au


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