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Re: filmscanners: OT: Any insight on H.P. vs Epson printers

Todd wrote:

>I've heard bad horror stories about HP Pavilion (low-end home PC)

I can confirm that, having returned one to the seller. They're possibly OK
for the Web-user, but as a work-station they don't come close to doing a

>Overall, HP has a well-deserved industry reputation for solid design,
engineering, and support. I'm constantly amazed by how well-built their
high-end stuff is, like the aforementioned PA-RISC servers, which are built
like tanks and run like the wind. I wish HP would stay out of the low end
markets ....

I would wish the same thing! If a company can't compete in a chosen consumer
market, it should stay out of that market. This isn't rocket science--it's
the logical thing to do.

>For those who were complaining about HP's long-distance support numbers,
here's a tip: try calling the North American Response Centre first at
1-800-633-3600. They may just transfer you to the appropriate support...it
helps if you're friendly with the rep who answers.

That would be me. :-)  And yes, I've done that. BTW, I'm *always* friendly
(unless I'm *really* ticked off!). :-) I'd lost that number, OTOH, so thanks
for re-establishing it.

Good input, Todd, something which helps make this List so valuable. :-)

Best regards--LRA

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