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Re: filmscanners: OT: Any insight on H.P. vs Epson printers

Lawrence wrote:
> So yes, high end HP printers tend to be good, but avoid the low end ones.
> Hope that sets the record straight.

Same with most of HP's divisions. For example, I've heard bad horror stories
about HP Pavilion (low-end home PC) support, but I've had nothing but
excellent experiences with HP NetServer and PA-RISC support.

Overall, HP has a well-deserved industry reputation for solid design,
engineering, and support. I'm constantly amazed by how well-built their
high-end stuff is, like the aforementioned PA-RISC servers, which are built
like tanks and run like the wind. I wish HP would stay out of the low end
markets -- they have to cut engineering and support to maintain a profit
margin, and it only hurts their reputation.

For those who were complaining about HP's long-distance support numbers,
here's a tip: try calling the North American Response Centre first at
1-800-633-3600. They may just transfer you to the appropriate support
department instead of giving you the number. It doesn't work every time, but
it helps if you're friendly with the rep who answers.

ObDisclaimer: I've never worked for HP; I'm just a satisfied customer and


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