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Re: filmscanners: OT: Any insight on H.P. vs Epson printers

Lynn Allen wrote:

> Todd wrote:
>> I've heard bad horror stories about HP Pavilion (low-end home PC)
> support....
> I can confirm that, having returned one to the seller. They're possibly OK
> for the Web-user, but as a work-station they don't come close to doing a
> job.
>> Overall, HP has a well-deserved industry reputation for solid design,
> engineering, and support. I'm constantly amazed by how well-built their
> high-end stuff is, like the aforementioned PA-RISC servers, which are built
> like tanks and run like the wind. I wish HP would stay out of the low end
> markets ....

There is a good possibility this will come to pass.  There are rumors in 
the trades that one major consumer computer supplier will be selling off 
their product line soon.  Micron already did so, but wasn't the "major 

Further, Dell is throwing down the challenge and might be buying out one 
of their competitors very soon.  They claim due to the speed they can 
produce computers and that they have no inventory, they can respond to 
price drops within 3 days, while many of their competitors have to empty 
the channel, taking as long as 90 days.



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