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Re: filmscanners: Vuescan request

It sounds to me as though your backup software may be
keeping a record of everything that has been installed since
the last backup, and trying to recreate it when you restore,
and also trying to verify that this will be possible.

If this is the case it's a superficially good but naive idea
from the point of view of a backup program, but terrible if
you're a sophisticated user, who's renamed and moved things,
and not simply installed and left things.

Vuescan installation is as simple as any other program I've
encountered - it always installs to one place and one place
only, and it's all *contained* within that directory. I for
one would deplore any moves on Ed's part to complicate this
excellent and simple way of working. (He's a clever chap, in
case you hadn't noticed.)


Alan T

----- Original Message -----
From: cjcronin <cjcronin@erols.com>
To: <filmscanners@halftone.co.uk>
Sent: Monday, May 21, 2001 2:23 AM
Subject: RE: filmscanners: Vuescan request

> At 06:59 PM 5/20/01, you wrote:
> >Jules wrote:
> >
> >>I run several different releases of VS. I was in the
process of setting
> >them all back up on my new hard drive when I got an error
message that VS
> >could not create/write to the directory it wants to
install too. Once I put
> >a copy of vuescan on, I will rename it, then install
another version. I have
> >no idea what went wrong but my computer will not let me
make a vuescan
> >directory (says it already exists but I don't see it)
after I have installed
> >and renamed only two of the programs.
> >
> >Yipe! I've been doing the same thing, but only 2 versions
at a time. Please
> >keep this discussion On-List--it also affects me, and
probably others, too.
> >
> >BTW, Jules, do you have Norton Utilities installed? I've
used that program
> >to good advantage to uninstall embedded programs that
have gotten corrupted
> >and wouldn't reinstall. It's a PITA, but sometimes it's
gotta be done.
> >
> >Good luck and best regards--LRA
> Hi Lynn,
> Yes I tried Norton before I turned here for advice.
Deleting the directory at the ms-dos prompt worked. Weird
thing is, I did not see the directory in windows (and I do
have show hidden files checked) but when I went to the dos
prompt there it was. Deleted it and everything is fine now.
> Thanks,
> Jules


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