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RE: filmscanners: Vuescan request

At 06:59 PM 5/20/01, you wrote:
>Jules wrote:
>>I run several different releases of VS. I was in the process of setting
>them all back up on my new hard drive when I got an error message that VS
>could not create/write to the directory it wants to install too. Once I put
>a copy of vuescan on, I will rename it, then install another version. I have
>no idea what went wrong but my computer will not let me make a vuescan
>directory (says it already exists but I don't see it) after I have installed
>and renamed only two of the programs.
>Yipe! I've been doing the same thing, but only 2 versions at a time. Please
>keep this discussion On-List--it also affects me, and probably others, too.
>BTW, Jules, do you have Norton Utilities installed? I've used that program
>to good advantage to uninstall embedded programs that have gotten corrupted
>and wouldn't reinstall. It's a PITA, but sometimes it's gotta be done.
>Good luck and best regards--LRA

Hi Lynn,

Yes I tried Norton before I turned here for advice. Deleting the directory at 
the ms-dos prompt worked. Weird thing is, I did not see the directory in 
windows (and I do have show hidden files checked) but when I went to the dos 
prompt there it was. Deleted it and everything is fine now.



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