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Re: filmscanners: Filmscanning vs. Flatbedding

Lynn:  You make some good points relative to the camera.  There are other
factors too that an amateur must consider.  One biggy is the storage capacity of
digital cameras.  That is getting better but it still has not reached the point
where the chips will hold a lot of tiff images.  The image capacity of them
seems to be advertised as if they are using jpeg at a level 2.

Additionally, the capability of the camera's will have to reach the price and
point where their fixed lenses will justify my expense of chucking the money I
have spent on bodies, lenses, and scanner into the garbage.

I am waiting for a digital camera body that will let me use my lenses at the
current price of around 3 - 4 hundred $US or less, give me the resolution of a
good 100 ISO film to print veryb good 11 X 14, and a separate 1 GB removable
storage capacity chip at around $100 US each.

Until then, my Nikon, the lenses, film, and the scanner will suffice.


Lynn Allen wrote:

> Steve wrote:
> >Ok it will be approx US $7000 but hopefully the consumer stuff will
> eventually follow on.
> That's a pretty big hit, AFAIC. You can buy several Leicas for that amount.
> Even a professional will look very closely at that sort of high-ticket
> item--it has to start paying off very rapidly! Amateurs (unless they're in
> the drug business), will not participate. Kodak made that mistake a few
> years ago, and they're still trying to regain their balance.
> Also, there are $7000 cameras, and there are $7000 cameras. For that price,
> it'd better be as good as a very nice cherry-wood view-camera (which haven't
> come down in price lately, AFAIK). Frankly, I don't think the digicam is
> there yet, although it's definitely closing the gap.
> Will it soon be as good as my old trustworthy Spotmatic? Jeez, I hope so.
> I'm probably as enthusiastic as anyone about digital cameras. But until they
> get closer to the price and quality of a good SLR, the film camera is still
> king.
> Best regards--LRA
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