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Re: filmscanners: Emoticons & Assicons

Tony Sleep wrote:

> On Thu, 17 May 2001 22:02:14 -0500  Tx (texjoy@datarecall.net) wrote:
>> Thanks, Tony
>> Your "regards" as sincere as your own good manners. 
>> I hope your photography is half as good as your humor. 
> Very droll :) Let me explain. 

I've always loved the word "droll". It's almost onomatopoetic, isn't it?

How Drrroll....  I hear Ann Robertson? (another Brit) the MC of 
"Weakest link" mouthing it (BTW, I don't watch that show, just saw the 

Anyway Tony consider this posting an electronic "hands across the water" 
hug.  I'm having some similar days of late, so I empathize.

My wife's ill with the flu (and apparently trying to get me that way!) ;0

My 1970 something photocopier died and I'm trying to fix it -- boy, they 
put a lot of extra parts in it compared to the ones made today.  No 
wonder they weight so much.

The dimmer switch on my Chinese made Halogen floor lamp gave out... 
forget about rebuilding that baby, the design is obviously unique to 
that lamp, so I guess it means replacing it with a simple on-off switch 
(let there be light?).

I've been attempting to get replacement micro-incandescent bulbs
for my car stereo for 4 weeks now, without success (all backordered 
everywhere here) and the thing has been sitting dismantled on the dinner 
table for that period of time.

The Microtek 1850S scanner I purchased on ebay for my nephew which "had 
a blown bulb" needs a heck of a lot more.  It had no bulb, the filter 
unit (a pie slice shaped device that was supposed to have a R, G and B 
filter and a "clear" one has a mucked up red, punched through green, a 
blue filter and a clear one, and who knows what the heck the values of 
the original filters were, not to mention someone previously tried to 
"fix it" and snapped off a few screws and mount points on the CCD and 
unplugged all the cable connectors.

The Epson printer I also bought for my nephew, also on ebay, arrived, as 
my brother put it "as a lump with stamps on it" at his door... thanks US 
Postal Service, I couldn't have done it without you.  Its probably 
repairable, but will take time (and effort) of my brother (who has his 
own list of disasters to deal with)...

And finally, we ended up with a provincial landslide vote for the right 
wing here (76 of 79 seats... not even a official opposition!) on 
Wednesday.  Not one member of the party I supported (The Greens) were 
voted in, in spite of 12-14% of the vote.  And then, there's Baby Bush's 
plan to energize the US via Canadian gas, oil, coal, electricity and 

Sigh..., oh well, its been one of "those" kind of weeks.

All electronic hugs gratefully accepted. ;-)

Tony, I'm told it gets better if you wait long enough! ;-)



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