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filmscanners: Freudian Slips: Loose Lips sink continents

----- Original Message -----
From: Laurie Solomon   Subject: RE: filmscanners: Bounced messages

>That settles it, I'm quitting my graveyard shift job writing instruction
>manuals for guided nuclear missiles
I hear that. I did that slammin' together, 2-day deadline, as an afterthought to million-$$$ projects once they had been completed, sometimes taking years: "The Operations Manual", two days. What a joke. Certifiably first grade primer. So, who reads them anyway?

Yes I hear you just accepted the job of speech writer for George W. Bush. :-)
Hey, 'baby', the politically-incorrect code-word is George "$hrub".  <smile> hehe, LOL 

At least I said "jet sixes" and not "jet sexes" instead of "jet sizes." :-)
Freud, alive & well.... that is, Sigmund the poppa, actually initially a neurologist.. what nerve, eh?

-----Original Message-----
Laurie Solomon wrote:
>> So, it is probably
>> wise to use a cleaning cart between switching from dye to pigmented
>> inks.  With the cart based systems, the ink chamber in the head is
>> relatively small, so a flush would be very long a process, but with the
>> large format printers, all the lines would need to be flushed, which
>> could be quite a job.
> Art,
> You didn't mean to say that if the ink chamber is small a flush would be a
> very long process did you?  I just want to make sure I am interpreting
> you said correctly and adding for any missing portions of words like the
> "n't" in "wouldn't."  I was going to ask if the particles and viscosity of
> pigmented inks would make a difference in jet sixes; but you answered it
> saying that they accounted for this via changing the pressure.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention.  Yes, it should have read
that the head's ink chamber on cartridge based printers is small, so it
wouldn't take too long to flush.

Then again, I'm guessing you mean "jet sizes" not jet sixes ;-)

That settles it, I'm quitting my graveyard shift job writing instruction
manuals for guided nuclear missiles ;-P



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