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filmscanners: Vuescan

At present I am having a big problem getting accurate colours in a scan of a 
negative in the latest 7.0.19 version of Vuescan, in fact in all 7.x versions 
of Vuescan, it seems, on further checking. This neg is a photo of a wide range 
of flowers taken in our local wintergarden glasshouse. What should be yellow 
has been shifted in hue well towards orange, about half way in fact. Also 
greens have a dirty desaturated look. Other colours are about right. I am using 
a proper photographic print of the same neg done in a professional lab as my 

If I return to Vuescan 6.6, the yellows are fine, as are all the other colours, 
except that reds are over saturated, a problem fixed in 7.0.19, or earlier 7 

The film in question is Kodak Gold 200-6, scanner is the FS2710 using Windows. 
I have tried White Balance and Auto Levels, and Generic Negative and Kodak Gold 
200-6 settings, but there is no significant difference in the colours achieved. 
I did find that the yellows came out about right if the setting for Polaroid or 
3M Scotch HR was used, but then other colours were wrong.

All the above refers to the crop file. If I use the raw scan file in 7.0.19, 
very good colour balance can be achieved, a really good match to the 
photographic print, in fact. Much extra work compared with using the crop file 
(any work flow suggestions here?), but no fiddling with any hue adjustments is 

Has anyone else had colour balance problems like the above?   Thanks. 

Colin Maddock


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