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Re: filmscanners: Vuescan

> At present I am having a big problem getting accurate colours in a scan of a
> negative in the latest 7.0.19 .....
> Has anyone else had colour balance problems like the above?   Thanks.
> Colin Maddock

Hi again Colin

For what its worth I'm reposting my findings on the subject using MacOS9.1,
Canoscan FS2710. I haven't revisited the problem since January 1st so I'll
scan the same neg using the latest Vuescan and see if there's been any
improvement. Scanned slides in Vuescan are better that ever, but for me
after Ver6.0.2 neg scans have deteriorated for some reason (see links

> Hi all
> I'm having problems with the later versions of Vuescan and was hoping someone
> might be able to help.
> I running MacOS9 and scanning on a Canoscan FS2710.
> For the past 4 months I've been using Vuescan 6.0.2 which was one of the last
> versions still to have the "Gamma: option, this version has been outputting
> the best neg scans I have ever seen from my scanner. I upgraded to the next
> version incorporating "Image Brightness/Contrast" but was unable to get anyway
> near the excellent scans 6.0.2 output. Just recently, having noticed that the
> latest version of Vuescan had improvements for the FS2710, I installed Vuescan
> 6.4.9 and still I get terrible scans even though I have set all the options
> exactly as the 6.0.2 version.
> To show just what a difference there is between the 2 versions I've posted
> images here together with a list of the settings:
> http://homepage.eircom.net/~ricwalsh/649_scan.htm
> Click next and previous for images.
> If someone else has the same set-up I would dearly love to send a copy of 6.02
> for them to confirm my output.
> You may well ask why would I want to upgrade if the scans are excellent from
> 6.02, well... I'm missing out on the button option which I like, and the
> manual crop actually works now. Plus I don't want to be left behind as the
> regular updates are posted.
> Am I missing some hidden option that will cure this problem.
> Any help appreciated



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