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filmscanners: Another Mission Completed

To all concerned, and others--

I'm happy to report that I've scanned and recorded to CD *all* my
significant negs and slides from 1949 to 1998--which were the ones I was
going for, archive-wise.

My thanks (again, and doubly) to Tony for this List, and to Art, Larry, Mark
T, Maris, Cathy, shAf, Rob, Pete ("Potoscientia"--who's no longer on the
list), Ed Hamrick (who I'm happy to say is back again), and the many people
other who've helped make scanning the thousands of frames in this project,
if not *easier*, at least intelligent, thoughtful, and saner! :-)

I don't intend to leave the list just yet, although most of my archiving
will be flat-bedding from here on out. Larry jokingly said (at least I hope
so) that I need the social contact, and there's some truth to that--where
else would I find such intelligent people, around the world, with such a
wealth of experience, who are interested in and share some of the same
experiences? And I like the jokes! :-) But more importantly (to me), I hope
to "give something back" to the new people who come on the List, for the
help it and its members have contributed to my archiving project. I *owe*

So thanks to all, and best regards--LRA

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