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Re: filmscanners: Heading OT - Archive CD's, was 'Another Mission..

May I strongly agree with the alien (Art) - if any of us keep any 
'treasures' on just one CD (or one *anything*), we're asking for 
trouble!  Ignoring how they might be stored, even the best manufacturers of 
CD's have bad days - they can't replace your lost data (and the replacement 
CD you might get is not exactly much compensation..)

As a paranoid, I keep 2 copies of everything, and 3 copies of anything 
important :)  I also periodically check my media (copy the whole CD to a 
temporary folder), and if in doubt, just burn another from the backup 
copy.  Any backup expert will tell you an untested backup has almost 
exactly the same value as no copy at all..

And one day soon a suitable new technology will mature and I'll copy 'em 
all over to it (twice!) and toss them away..  In 10/15 years time, will 
your 'PC' read CD's?  (Does it still have a 5.25" drive?)

At least by then any *new* stuff will probably be from *decent* (eg 
100  megapixel) digital cameras.  ..can't wait!

Mark T.


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