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Re: filmscanners: CD storage Was: Another Mission Completed

After lurking for a while, I felt I should contribute.

I use things called the "selector 40". see the site at


for details. Two of them keep my "permanent" software. Stuff I use 
regularly is kept in jewel cases on a kind of horizontal rack. I would use 
more of the selector 40s, but I could not find any more at retail outlets. 
When this question came up, I did a web search, and found the site referred 
to above. Of course, music CD's are another matter.

- Clive Moss

At 09:18 PM 5/10/01, is was written:
>There are now "slim" jewel cases which are nearly 1/2 the width of the 
>original design, which some manufacturers are packing the disks in.
>I do use the slip sheets for ones I use regularly, and for CDs (as opposed 
>to CD-Rs), but not for archival stuff.
>In the end, probably the most important issue is which type of disks were 
>Rob Geraghty wrote:
>>"John Matturri" <jmatturr@earthlink.net> wrote:
>>>I'm curious how you, or others, store their cds.
>>I have some folders with CD slip-sheets which I'm storing them in.
>>Keeps them in a much more compact state than normal jewel cases.


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