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Re: filmscanners: Cleaning slides (PEC tips)

Two points (in the instructions that come with PEC-12, btw):

If you put too much on, you get white streaks. It's not the film mount
disolving, it's simply the cleaner drying. PEC instructions recomends cleaning
again evenly to remove the streaks. I don't know how to do this if your going to
run into the edge of a mount and have it well up there. Maybe apply a *light*
amount. I've only cleaned negative strips with it. Even with PEC pads, it is
possible to put scratches in the film if you are not carefull. It should be
applied in light, methodical sweeps that pass completly through the image and
don't stop at the edge or start at the edge of the frame. At least this is the
only way I have acheived sucess using it.

PEC 12 ONLY cleans grease- based stains. It does not clean water- based stains.
It will remove a fingerprint but not hard water stains, for example. This point
has not been made yet, so I decided to add to this growing thread.<g>.

TECK wrote:

> Since Pec 12 has come up so often, has anyone used Pec 12 on mounted slides?
> I use only a very small amount and have tried both the Pec Pads and lintless
> cotton and I can not get the Pec 12 off, it leaves white streaks on the
> slides and I have not found a way to use it with mounted slides, is there
> some trick I'm missing???
> Tony Eck

Jim Hayes


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