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Re: filmscanners: Cleaning slides

The reason I say eeek, is because I was a mouse in a former life, and 
its habit...

No, really, because you're are playing with the pH of the film.  Ammonia 
is very base (alkaline), and I have no idea how it responds with 
formaldehyde hardener, etc.  I do know that I once was playing with 
household chemicals on some B&W prints and full strength household 
ammonia dissolved the emulsion right off the print.

Unless I read an authoritative source that says a certain concentration 
of ammonia is safe for film emulsions, you'll excuse me if I run into my 
hole in the wall and shiver ;-)


Colin Maddock wrote:

>> I use cotton bud dipped in a diluted ammonia based household cleaner - it 
>works wonders on the mould too.
>> Colin Maddock
> Art said:
>> All I can say is eeek!  stay away from my film!
> Why do you say "eeek" Art? Needless to say, the above cleaning method has no 
>adverse effect on the film. In fact it is "squeeky clean". No smears, no 
>marks, a scan looks perfect. These are old slides that I am talking about.
> Colin Maddock


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