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Re: filmscanners: Cleaning slides

No, NO, no...

Now this is getting out of hand.  Ammonia is not used in bleach, in 
fact, it is very dangerous to mix the two, as a huge release of Chlorine 
gas will occur, and chlorine gas is toxic.  NEVER mix ammonia and bleach.

Besides this combo causing some scarred lungs and occasional deaths, it 
is also famous for causing exploding toilets, which you occasionally 
hear about, when people accidentally mix these two ingredients trying to 
make their toilets sparkling.  (Also ammonia is a by-product of 
bacterial action on the nitrogen compounds found in urine).  Anyone who 
owns a cat that uses an indoor litterbox has likely experienced this on 
a warm summer day.  Whew!

Bleach removes dyes because it is (Chlorine gas -bleach is water with 
this dissolved in it) is a very strong oxidizing agent.


Derek Clarke wrote:

> Ammonia is also used in bleach for its properties in decolouring of 
> dyes... 


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