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Re: filmscanners: Cleaning slides

TECK wrote:
> Since Pec 12 has come up so often, has anyone used Pec 12 on mounted slides?
> I use only a very small amount and have tried both the Pec Pads and lintless
> cotton and I can not get the Pec 12 off, it leaves white streaks on the
> slides and I have not found a way to use it with mounted slides, is there
> some trick I'm missing???

        Most likely you are getting the PEC-12 on the plastic mount, that might
cause white streaks, I know that Edwal film cleaner can disolve some
plastics. Also be careful of cleaning polaroid slides, some cleaners
will take the emulsion off!
        When I worked in a duping lab, we cleaned slides as follows:

1) Blow off slide with compressed Nitrogen (don't use canned air!)
2) Hold slide against a Schneider loupe and look at light table, this
allows you to see EVERYTHING on a slide.
3) Hold slide and loupe in one hand and clean slide using medical swabs
and Edwal (or Pec 12). Keep cleaning untill everything is off both
4) You're ready to dupe, er.. scan.

        If you don't have compressed air, the staticmaster brushes work very
well. Just remember to always brush in the same direction, make sure you
don't get confused direction-wise when you flip the slide over!

> Tony Eck
> > Probably the best and safest cleaner for slides and negs is Pec 12. It's
> > non-water based, which means that the emulsion will not swell, it dries
> > almost instantly, and evaporates completely.
> >


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