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Re: filmscanners: Polaroid 4000 dpi

CP wrote:

>EIGHT passes?! Even if I was scanning just one slide, I doubt I would be
patient enough for that.

That might depend a lot on the slide, and its importance. :-)
I can testify that multiple passes *do* reduce noise, and I've used up to 10
on really nasty problems (I just go watch television for awhile). But of
course, using a Scanwit, multi-scanning is one of my few options, and only
with Vuescan. :-)

Still and all, the Gausian Blur is also a very usable solution (best used
for isolated "noise" areas, I've found), and using the grain filter to
reintroduce texture is an excellent added idea.

Thank you, Charles, for adding your techniques to our "Problem Solving"

Best regards--LRA

------Original Message------
From: Charles Platt <cp@panix.com>
To: filmscanners@halftone.co.uk
Sent: April 24, 2001 8:30:13 AM GMT
Subject: Re: filmscanners: Polaroid 4000 dpi

> Not sure what you're doing that's "extreme", but with my Sprintscan 35/ES
> (same as "plain" 35 I think), using Ed's Vuescan with the scan count set
> to eight passes, noise in the shadows is reduced quite a lot, and the time
> it takes isn't too horrible so long as I'm only doing a few slides.  :-)

EIGHT passes?! Even if I was scanning just one slide, I doubt I would be
patient enough for that....

If I'm doing a slide for subsequent reproduction in print, I may gaussian
blur the darkest areas, then use Photoshop's grain filter to give them
texture comparable to the rest of the image. I figure that dot gain in the
printed version would lose most of the detail in the really dense areas
anyway; but if I left the noise uncorrected, some of it might be barely

Obviously this is NOT a preferred method of working! The two pix I sold
recently to Discover magazine (I emailed the scans to them) came out okay,
but still, I am looking forward to a scanner that doesn't create tracks
through shadows.


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