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Re: filmscanners: Polaroid 4000 dpi

Charles Platt wrote:
> > Not sure what you're doing that's "extreme", but with my Sprintscan 35/ES
> > (same as "plain" 35 I think), using Ed's Vuescan with the scan count set
> > to eight passes, noise in the shadows is reduced quite a lot, and the time
> > it takes isn't too horrible so long as I'm only doing a few slides.  :-)
> EIGHT passes?! Even if I was scanning just one slide, I doubt I would be
> patient enough for that....
> If I'm doing a slide for subsequent reproduction in print, I may gaussian
> blur the darkest areas, then use Photoshop's grain filter to give them
> texture comparable to the rest of the image. I figure that dot gain in the
> printed version would lose most of the detail in the really dense areas
> anyway; but if I left the noise uncorrected, some of it might be barely
> visible.

I think the eight passes is quite a bit faster than doing all of that and
probably does quite a bit better job.  Try it at least once, for fun.  :-)

Mike K.


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