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Re: filmscanners: Polaroid 4000 dpi

I too have noticed funny things with the focusing with my SS4000
(running Vuescan, don't know about PCI - haven't used it in a while). 
I've scanned a slide, found too much dust, re-scanned it and found that
the focusing had changed slightly - the dust was in sharp focus, but the
image was slightly less sharp.  Don't know if this is a software issure
or something to do with the slide holder.  I've noticed that when you
insert a slide into the holder, it is usually not flat - that is the
holder doesn't do a good job of keeping the slide all in one plane
relative to the distance from the CCD.  I now usually tweek the slide
while it's in the holder to make sure it will be consistently the same
distance from the CCD (or at least best I can relative to the slide
holder).  This is one example of wanting a better slide (and negative)
holder from Polaroid.

Will try the dust-thing that Ed talks about sometime soon - as soon as I
can find a totally over exposed slide (no real photographer has any of

EdHamrick@aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 4/23/2001 11:25:15 AM EST, jdubikins@hotmail.com writes:
> > I haven't been following the discussion of the Nikon 4000 other than to
> >  catch snippets about edge-to-edge focusing problems/allegations.
> It still isn't clear if the edge-to-edge focusing issue is caused by
> the lens of the camera taking the test images or if it's caused by
> a limited depth of field of the LS-4000.
> An easy way to test this would be to scan a dusty negative at
> 4000 dpi and then seeing if the dust spots are equally focused
> at the edges as in the center.  Doing this test with both negatives
> and slides would be interesting (slides seem to have more of a
> bow sometimes than negatives).
> >  But I have no actual
> >  disappointments with the SS4000 at all.
> It's a very nice scanner.  The whole focus process is a bit slow,
> but the image quality is excellent.
> Regards,
> Ed Hamrick

John Hinkey
Seattle, Washington


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