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filmscanners: ED4000-LS2000

I did a big work today for a airplane company newspaper.  Start to scan with 
ED 4000 and NikonScan 3.1
Everything looks good until I start my old LS 2000 and Silverfast 5.2.
Scanned the same pictures and  compared- and what a difference.
I turned of ED 4000+NikonScan 3.1 and finished  my work on LS2000 and 
Silverfast 5.2.
Set black point, gray point and white point , measured the picture and there 
it was perfectly in all terms.
Did I miss the 4000 ppi- not so much, I interpolated LS 2000 about 30% and I 
don't  think anyone can se the difference.
I hope that Silverfast soon  will upgrade 5.2 to fit ED 4000and firewire, 
its 10 times faster to work with compared to NikonScan and does a much 
better job.

Mikael Risedal

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