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Re: filmscanners: Sharpen before retouching

>> IMO, I think some of us need to make apologies to the writer who sharpened
>> his image before doing further corrections. I just did it, and while I
>> wouldn't exactly recommend it as a standard procedure, is *does* have some
>> advantages:
>> 1) Problems are clearer
>> 2) Problems show up on a less-than-100% view.
>I usually sharpen images before working on them so I get a feel for what I 
>may/want to end up with and to spot problem areas.  Then undo the unsharp mask 
>before making corrections.  
>(Problem is it takes for ever to find the problems seen earlier. ;)

If you are editing using Photoshop or another layers-capable program you could 
make a copy of the image to a second layer and apply sharpening only to that 
copy layer.  While viewing sharpened layer zoom in on areas needing work, then 
switch to underlying unsharpened image and apply retouching there.  Discard 
sharpened layer when finished.


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