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Re: filmscanners: grain aliasing on slides

Lynn Allen wrote:

The photo was shot at Disneyland, with the Matterhorn (a roller-coaster
ride, at D'land) in the background.
What got my attention was the sky area, a clear-day blue with typical
atmospheric gradadation  down toward to the horizion. What appeared at first
to be "dust" didn't quite have the dark, well-defined *signature* I'd have
expected from dust. And throughout the sky area was a lighter-blue
"footprint" that I can only describe as the look of a "woven"
paper-stock--long, regular slashes of a lighter color with a darker
drop-shadow, a "crinkled" look! I've never encountered this exact effect in
*any* of the nearly 2000 slides I've done before today, nor had I been
drinking--but I'm tempted to start! [;-)]


All the clues are there...

1) Taken at Disneyland

2) Typical atmospheric gradation

3) look of woven paper stock

4) "crinkled" look

This one doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to figure out!

Heck, don't you know a painted backdrop when you see one?  You think anyone
would go to Disneyland if they could see how polluted the air really was?  A
blue sky in California, I mean, isn't that alone the give-away?

Happy to have my email working again, in spite of working on taxes,


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