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Re: filmscanners: OT - Virus Alert

I completely disagree with Mark about this.

As a system admin, you might indeed get numerous warnings about a virus, but I
only got one, and it came from this list.

It was one email, took a second to read, and I'm glad to have received it.

I appreciate the heads-up when these things happen, and no amount of
"protection" is foolproof, especially if MS is involved.

What is the "correct forum" for a warning about something that people need to
know about ASAP?  Using the same logic, I suppose you'd say a hurricane warning
should only be announced on the weather channel.


Mark Thomas wrote:

(At the risk of being labelled a Dicky..! [:)]

While I appreciate the thought behind these virus warnings (and it is actually
nice to see one that isn't a hoax!), may I suggest that this isn't really the
correct forum?

I act as a system admin for a couple of sites, and I find that the virus
*warnings* are MUCH more of a problem than the actual viruses.  So far I have
had 6 warnings today about this one.  Sighhhh...!  Permit me to quote from the
standard response I send out whenever I get these warnings..

These warning messages are a form of virus, too!  Why? - well, they spread and
multiply, slow down the internet, block up mail servers, scare people (often
needlessly) etc..

So, how can you guarantee safety?
1. Use a reputable virus checker, and keep it updated
2. Keep your operating system and browser updated (eg Microsoft's Update site
posts security fixes from time to time)
3. Never run email attachments unless you are certain that they are from a safe

It's that simple.  No further warnings required.  [:)]

Mark T.

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