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Re: filmscanners: film scanner software

Mikael:  you may want to check your e-mail service.  It seems we are getting 2
or more of each of your posts.


Mikael Risedal wrote:

> About software and film scanner
> I cant understand why people are discussion a software like VueScan so much
> in this group. .If you are trying to learn how to scan a picture from
> negative or slides the only good  software  in my opinions  are Silverfast,
> ( and some thimes the shipping manufactories software to your scanner.) If
> you are looking after a  good automatic calculating software try Binuscan.
> If I order a Porsche I take it with manual stick handling, not automatic and
> try to learn how I can get the best out of the car. It seems that loot of
> people are to lazy to learn the basic rolls of film scanning and think
> VueScan are something they can relay on.
> VueScan are (also in my opinion for beginners) but if you are concern to
> learn how to scan  pictures  try a "pro software"   and  see who much more
> you can get out from your negative or slides.
> Mikael Risedal
> Lund
> Sweden
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