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Re: filmscanners: film scanner software

Mikael:  As I stated in a previous post, some of us used Vuescan, some
Silverfast, some Binuscan, some Canonscan, and so on and on.  I am sure that
each of us has a preference.  Then there are those who use a certain software
that they feel does a better job with negatives, so they use that for negatives
and a different one for tranneys, and vice versa.  Some want ICE some do not,
and some even use Photoshop for all of it.

The point is that as long as each of us understands the shot comings and
strengths of their software and uses them appropriately, I am sure we will
receive the type of images we desire, whether we are amateurs or pros at

The great thing about this list is that it is informative about many aspects of
scanning and even on some peripheral topics that may even be "off topic" to the
list.  If we do not want to read about Silverfast, Vuescan, Binuscan, or any
other topic, the mouse or the delete key allow us move on to a topic that we
want to read about.  If we want to learn as much as we can from the group, we
can read about things in other software or hardware packages and see if we want
to try to apply them to our software or hardware.  We may even decide to buy one
and try it out.

Whether we want to continue on in ignorant blissa nd continue to use our
"amateur software" is really our business.  Besides, we my feel we are getting
better results from our package or maybe that we do not wish to buy another one.

Please not let us get into another flame war like the one about the (dare I say
it), the Mac and the PC.


Mikael Risedal wrote:

> About software and film scanner
> I cant understand why people are discussion a software like VueScan so much
> in this group. .If you are trying to learn how to scan a picture from
> negative or slides the only good  software  in my opinions  are Silverfast,
> ( and some thimes the shipping manufactories software to your scanner.) If
> you are looking after a  good automatic calculating software try Binuscan.
> If I order a Porsche I take it with manual stick handling, not automatic and
> try to learn how I can get the best out of the car. It seems that loot of
> people are to lazy to learn the basic rolls of film scanning and think
> VueScan are something they can relay on.
> VueScan are (also in my opinion for beginners) but if you are concern to
> learn how to scan  pictures  try a "pro software"   and  see who much more
> you can get out from your negative or slides.
> Mikael Risedal
> Lund
> Sweden
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