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Re: filmscanners: Review of the Nikon CoolScan 4000

To get to VueScan's ICE equivalent use any cleaning mode.  To get to the ICE & 
equivalent go to the medium or high cleaning modes.


Jeremy Brookfield wrote:

> Rob Geraghty wrote:
> > "Jeremy Brookfield" <jeremy@percula.com> wrote:
> > > The software (Nikon Scan 3.0) is so buggy as to render the scanner useless
> > to
> > > all intents and purposes.
> >
> > Have you tried Vuescan?  Does it work?
> Yes, it works quickly and (so far) reliably. Howver, I have difficulties with
> the color management. Nikon Scan 3 produces well balanced colour without
> manipulation. None of Vuescans 7.0.12 color balances comes even close to being
> reasonable. I also miss Nikon Scan's curve control (I have figured out how to
> use the new LCH dialog properly). Also I cannot find Vuescan's ICE GEM option
> (is there one?) With the LS2000, I prefered  Silverfast to Nikon Scan 2.51
> because of the better colour manipulation options. To sink further down to
> Vuescan's limited controls would not be acceptable to me.
> Jeremy


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