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Re: filmscanners: Where to buy a Minolta Scan Elite

on 4/5/01 6:46 AM, Martin Wiseman at martin.wiseman@pitechnology.com wrote:

> Hi,
> After much research I have decided that a Minolta Scan Elite will probably
> suit my needs, however I want to do a couple of test scans before I part
> with that much cash.
> I was all set to go to Jessops (who had it listed at 699), however they now
> tell me it is obsolete and they no longer sell it.
> Firstly, is it really obsolete, or is it just Jessops that have stopped
> stocking it. It is still listed on Minolta's web site and they don't appear
> to have anything new with similar features, so I am guessing it is just
> Jessops.
> Secondly, can anyone recommend somewhere where I can go to try one before I
> buy it. I live in Cambridge, UK. I'd prefer somewhere local, but am prepared
> to travel as far as London if necessary.
> Thanks,
> Martin Wiseman.

I have a hunch Minolta will replace this scanner with a new model soon.  I
think some of its features are deficient even in comparison with the Scan
Dual II, which makes it appear last generation.  With all the new Nikons out
now or soon, maybe it won't be too long a wait.



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