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filmscanners: Scanwit (was: AcerScanwit wishlist

Mark wrote:

>if I just tell Miraphoto (v1.1) it's a slide I get a nice orange
>Is anyone else on the list having this problem?

No, not lately--I've been doing negs exclusively since Xmas. But working
back and forth *does* seem to mess things up, sometimes. Don't know if it's
software or firmware--possibly both. The "nice orange scan" is probably a
holdover from a previous neg scan, where some setting is "sticking." So your
idea about the software recalibrating itself each time the carrier is
removed is definitely valid.

OTOH, I often scan a batch of film that was with the same film and camera
(although not necessarily the same day or exposure), and prefer to simply
"Preview" the second and third batch at the same settings. Personally, I'd
rather the "Reset Calibration" command were more positive, and negated ALL
of the previous settings instead of just *some* of them, as seems be the
case in the current version of Mira (and sometimes, believe it or not,
translates to non-Twain Vuescan, as well!).

In dire circumstances (which I seem to have more than my share of), a
positive "Reset" button on the Scanwit itself would certainly put my mind at
ease. At least I'd *know* that I had to start recalibration all over again,
and would be doing it "from scratch." I've mentioned this to Acer techs, but
don't know if they were actually "listening."

Best regards--LRA

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