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RE: filmscanners: AcerScanwit wishlist

At 07:46 AM 5/04/01 +0000, Tony wrote:
>..I think you will find that most people here regard the Acer as good enough 
>to stand comparison with much more expensive models, especially for 
No arguments from me as a pretty happy Acer user.. if we can control
grain-aliasing/noise on negatives, I'll be deliriously content! (almost) :)

>If you added individual RG&B channel exposure control, you would 
>improve the scanning of colour negatives - the main users' complaint is 
>that the Acer's remove the orange mask in software.

While I agree that manual exposure control is high on the wishlist, that's
not why - if I just tell Miraphoto (v1.1) it's a slide I get a nice orange
Is anyone else on the list having this problem?

By the way, I'm currently liasing with some other Acer users to discuss a
small(-ish!) wish list to give to Honda.

If anyone else wants to join in, please say so (to me off-list) quickly!

Regards, Mark T.

Mark Thomas   markthom@camtech.net.au


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