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Re: filmscanners: Burning CD's

If one follows the creativepro url that has been offered on a number of 
messages to the Computer Media Testing web pages, which go into much 
more detail about the different types of dyes, reflective coatings, and 
even track density and angles, types of laser, etc. etc. you will find 
the pure gold sputtered disks are rated more poorly than the silver and 
gold mixed disks.  It has something to do with the transparency of the 
gold layer, and other physical properties.

Obviously, this is a very complex and to date, completely 
non-standardized system, and its anyone's guess what will work best, 
what will be most universally read, and what will last the longest.

We a guinea pigs in this evolving media.


Lynn Allen wrote:

> Tim wrote:
>> Note that kodak doesn't make gold disks anymore - only the new silver alloy
> ones or something.
>> I think Quantegy may still make them?
> I've note exactly that, unhappily (I don't mind paying for something that
> will last). What's the "Next Best Thing?"
> --LRA
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